“You’re wasting your money,” my mentor warned. “Scrum is not something you can master in a weekend. That certification will be worth the paper it’s printed on.”

I was working retail, making $12 an hour, and I had just put down $1000 for a 2-day course to become a Certified…

Picture yourself on a software project at Hyper Gum Dynamics.

As it turns out, Hyper Gum Dynamics is a Fortune 500 company with its roots in the Defense Industry. Their premier product is a ballistics-grade chewing gum that once hardened is more effective at stopping high-velocity rounds than kevlar. It…

If you’re like me, you love software. It has manifold variations and utility. We are only just scratching the surface. A whole universe exists in its depths, one which could benefit our lives and transform human experience for the better. Exploring those depths and surfacing with a new tool that…

Ian Carroll

Software Crafter at 8th Light Consultancy, Organizer for Fullstack LA meetup, Eagle Scout, Theatre Person, Taoist Philosopher among other passions.

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