Retrospectives in Retrospect

You don’t sell products.
You sell the products of your process.
Your process is your product!
  1. List some good and bad things that happened. The list doesn’t have to be exhaustive.
  2. Drill down. Repeatedly answer the question “why?” until you get to the root cause of each. Typically, this takes five whys. In the case of good things, the root cause is a strength. It needs to be protected and amplified. In the case of a bad thing, the root cause is a blocker and needs to either be removed, or treated as a bottleneck, the center of gravity around which your process flows. Sound mysterious? Read The Goal.
  3. Finally, come up with a short list of changes to your process from the insights you just gathered.
  4. Actually do the changes.
  5. Repeat next week. (If you didn’t do the changes, list that as one of the bad things.)



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Ian Carroll

Ian Carroll


Software Crafter at 8th Light Consultancy, Organizer for Fullstack LA meetup, Eagle Scout, Theatre Person, Taoist Philosopher among other passions.